Author: Moin Gholam

How To Design Perfect Checkout Page

Shoppers abandon the checkout process due to multiple reasons: unexpected shipping costs, a poor e-commerce checkout UX, the requirement to create a user account, payment security concerns, and more. In this article, we are going to shed light on the most common issues, and the best checkout page design practices to solve them. How to Design Perfect Checkout Page Enable guest login and pre-filled fields for registered users Visitors come to an online store to buy. So, give them the opportunity to do it without creating an account. By allowing buyers to place an order and not go through...

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Top Conversion Rate Optimization Tools For 2018

Conversions are the fuel that keeps websites alive. Your business entirely depends on the number of leads that you convert. Naturally, the higher your rate of conversion, the more money you make. Need to increase your conversion rates? These 15 conversion rate optimization tools can help you get the job done, easily and painlessly. Here are our curation of best CRO tools. Most of them are SAAS based tools that you can subscribe to on a monthly basis. 1. SimilarWeb SimilarWeb can help you find your competitors. Take a look at your competitors’ sites and top-performing strategies, and learn...

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