Author: Moinuddin Gholam

How WP User Frontend Helps Grow your Blog with Guest Posts

If you’re an internet marketer and into blogging, then you must be familiar with the term “Guest Blogging”. If you don’t know what exactly “Guest Posting” is? Let me tell you, ‘Guest Posting’ in simple words is when you write a piece of content on the third party websites that are relevant to your niche or industry; and in return, you get a build a strong relation with the website owner. As a content marketer, we know the importance of Guest Blogging. It’s always difficult to convince people to get a guest posting opportunity on their website. Let’s overview the Benefits of...

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Comments Notification Email Design Examples

Comment notification emails are one of the most common emails that are being sent. This means you should devote extra attention and time to correct them. These notifications emails can be very important if it is designed in the correct manner. These comment notification emails serve two important purposes. Firstly, it updates the user about the new comments or replies. Secondly, it let them respond to the new comments or replies if necessary. A good comment notification email must contain the following: The Original Content The Reply Trigger Information Who Commented Who else was notified Link to view Link to reply Link to manage email notifications preferencesLet us look at some of the best comment notification email designs across the web. Invision Medium Disqus Creative Market Monotype Airbnb Behance Treehouse VBRO Well, That’s All Hope some brilliant ideas might have popped up in your head seeing these comment notification emails. If you would like to share some your own comment notification email design examples. then please go ahead and comment below. We would be more than happy to include it in the post....

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WordPress Website Theme For HVAC Themes

Are you looking for best WordPress theme for HVAC Repair/ Air Conditioner Repair Service Company? We have compiled a list of around 10 best WordPress themes for HVAC repair companies. All these themes have features in the front end and admin panel that will help in marketing the local HVAC/ Air Conditioning repairing business to the masses.  Most of these themes have an appointment booking form by default which will help you get leads on autopilot. Boost your local HVAC business on web with the help of these WordPress themes. 1. Avada Avada is one of the most popular...

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My Theme Shop Review 2018: Hundreds Of WordPress Themes Within Budget

One of the advantage of using WordPress CMS is the wide availability of themes and plugins. And, when you’re just getting started with not much cash you can use Free themes from the WordPress repository. But since they are purely built by developers in their spare time, those Free themes are devoid of proper support. And, with WordPress providing regular core updates that would mean your site built on the Free theme is vulnerable to break down anytime. So, if you’re doing any serious project or have money to invest, you should always look for a premium wordpress theme....

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Free Trial Email Design Examples

Are you looking for email design examples for your free trial email campign? We have collected the most inspiring email examples used by the best SAAS companies. Giving a free trial is a common practice for SAAS based companies. These free trial period varied from a month to a week. It depends on the simplicity of the use of the product. More simple it is, lesser the time period. Now, during this period the SAAs based company do send emails educating the user about the features and benefits of the product. The goal is to resonate with the user so that the finds a AHA moment and upgrades to a paid customer. Let us see some of the best and inspiring Trial email design examples Briefcase Creative Cloud Blue Bottle Coffee Live 10 DKNG Company HUBBLE Dovetail VSCO Codeverse...

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