Author: Yakin Shah

How to Move WordPress from Localhost to Live server?

You might be well aware of the word “Localhost” if not, then let me tell you that localhost is the local server that you make on your PC or Laptop. This is the best way to test a website. A developer always uses a localhost to develop a website because there are a lot of changes and previews involved in the process of website designing. I understand that a website is the main part of your business and thus you want to give it the best look. Many people, especially bloggers like to customize their website a lot so...

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How to Clone a WordPress Website in 5 Easy Steps

Need to clone a WordPress website? This article will help you clone a WordPress website in just 5 easy steps. Cloning defined as the act of producing a copy of the other. Cloning is a term widely used in website creation or website design; to mean copying a concept from one website to another. ‘Making a clone of a website’ implies the act of creating a website that is similar to the other and not necessarily a complete copy of the design and features. Cloning is a term that is also meant to making a duplicate of an entire...

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