Author: Yakin Shah

How To Make A Good Landing Page-Quick 5 Point Checklist

A Good Landing Page is one which tells the visitor in one sight almost everything. According to me(based on the research I did), A Great Landing Page is one which meets the following: Clear, loud and genuine message. Keeps the reader on the page. Has some sort of Graphical Representation. Don’t Misguide. Clarifies all the questions which a prospective customer would have. Guides the prospect of the next step Why You Need a Great Landing Page With more PPC ad networks putting much emphasis on “Quality Score” and related pieces it becomes even more critical to have a great converting...

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How To Create A Divi Child Theme Within Minutes

Creating a DIVI Child Theme was one of the frequently asked questions by the Divi Community. So we thought to post on creating a child theme for DIVI. There is a lot of excitement about designing your own WordPress site using a theme. It’s simple to create until there are theme updates or WordPress core updates and you find your site is broken. So, what do you do then? You got more control over sudden changes in the theme due to theme updates by using a Child Theme. You might be wondering, what is a child theme? Simply put, a child theme is a core theme that inherits the design and functionalities of a parent theme....

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