Thrive Leads announced lately in August 2016 about the new optimization for better user experience.

Let us say; you have a visitor in your website who could have landed to your site while searching a solution. The visitor is reading your content, and there is a sweet or hard opt-in in its way.

In case the reader did not like your content, he will indeed close the door on you and; search begins for the information.

I understand that you are serious about your business, and you would be well focused on lead generation. I believe that you would know the cycle in lead generation when it comes to organic growth.

Here, in case you have a great content and; the visitor is asked to opt-in sometime in the middle of the content consumption process.

Think once again, if you are reading something worth for you and; you have to type your details for an opt-in. Would you be ready to fill your details to opt-in; knowing that your page will get reloaded(this is the case in general)?

Have you ever craved you could have visitors opt-in to your e-mailing list without your visitor leaving the original content?

Isn’t it a +1 from you towards this improvised user experience?

What Happens with Thrive Leads when Reader Sign up?

When you connect your opt-in form via API to your email service; you can manage the flow after signup from within Thrive Leads.

Till now, you already had two options in the Actions After Signup menu:

  1. Reload the existing page
  2. Redirect to a URL (maybe a custom thank you or confirmation page)

The two new options in Thrive Leads you will find now are:

First – Display your thank you message without reload.

Here you can customize a text message to show in a defined message box at the top of the screen. This message disappears after a few seconds.

If visitor opts-in through a lightbox, or a screen-filler, or slide-in, or the Scroll Mat; the overlay message gets close automatedly.

That means the visitor will get a confirmation message, and the screen will be cleared up for them; so they can continue reading where they left off when they saw the opt-in form.

Second is – Switch state

This option is convenient for only opt-in forms with more than one state. Instead of redirecting the visitor to a different page, you can change the text/content of the opt-in form. The new content is visible immediately after the sign up is successful.

It means you can show a success message – or even a download link – directly in the opt-in form.

There are numerous website owners use Thrive Leads and here is what John Lee Dumas says about Thrive Leads

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Hope you will also surely love the thrive leads new features. There are more significant benefits while going with Thrive Leads; you can check here all the Benefits of Thrive Leads.

We also fascinate to learn new from you. Please share your ideologies or experience on lead generation and user experience.